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Introducing Waakoor

Since 2007, growth in poaching of rhinos in South Africa has increased by 5000%.  To combat the illegal poachers, Asgard Aerospace has developed Waakoor – a truly intelligent program to detect, identify and eliminate poaching activity in the wild.

In the Afrikaan language, Waakoor means to guard, to watch over – and this fittingly describes the aerial protection the project will provide Rhinos in South Africa.

The Waakoor project embodies a fusion of hardware, software and dynamics to develop a machine that is capable of long flight times, effective communication throughput and high accuracy detection and identification.

Long Flight Times

Easy Mission Planning & Control

Realtime Avionics

Notifications when it Matters

Onboard Intelligence

Flight control, autopilot and computer vision all on board. State of the art communications and image detection processing occurs on board and detection events are pushed to Waakoor’s ground control.  A communications link enables Waakoor’s operator to stream video and modify flight paths on the fly.

Expansive Communications Reach

Extend Waakoor’s communications reach via meshed ground stations or mesh air-to-air relays with multiple drones.

Easily Plan and Monitor your Mission

Built with user experience in mind, Waakoor’s ground control device offers unparalleled easy of use in mission planning and monitoring.  An in case you want to do something else during the long flight mission, Waakoor will automatically notify you when it detects an incident – empowering you to respond with the appropriate action.

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We are born to create, we want to change the world. Our team are innovative, enthusiastic, forward thinkers. We’re not just about cobbling together off the shelf solutions – where’s the fun in that!

Social Responsibility

In an era where co-existence is treated as a luxury we can’t afford, the tide of humanity has swept through and left only that of no monetary value behind. At Asgard Aerospace we want to even-up the fight through innovation that is accessible to those that need it most, conservation.

Expert Knowledge

Our team members are experts in their professional fields. We have core competencies in fields complementary to UAS development spanning, software development, UX, project management, electronics and aviation.

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Asgard Aerospace is proud to be working with the below partners in realising a counter-poaching solution.

Wildlife Conservation UAV ChallengePoint Grey Research
Asia Tech Drones

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